Stacey Andon

Stacey Andon, Courage Summit Headshot 2019 (2)
Stacey Andon, Maryland

The Heart of Courage

For most of her life, Stacey followed the rules.  She checked boxes and implemented the formula for success that was set in front of her.  She listened to the expectations and whispers in her head. Stacey got great grades; married her high school sweetheart and most importantly she was what others expected her to be.  

At 33, she realized that she had veered way of course. Stacey was facing personal bankruptcy, physical dis-ease and a crumbling marriage. In her words, her life was a “hot mess.” The more she tried to fix what she thought was broken, the worse it got. With no money for groceries, little sleep and lots of tears, Stacey found herself on the brink of losing her home, her car and her marriage. But for the first time, she also considered that maybe there was another way to see things.

This new way had no boxes to check and no formula to follow.  This way asked her to be vulnerable and honest with herself in a way that she hadn’t done before.  In spite of fear, she leaned into the uncertainty of her situation, and life began to feel more like an adventure. She loosened her grip on a life that was no longer serving her for something much better.

Stacey will share her journey from living in her head to living from her heart. She will tell her story of how ditching someone else’s formula for success, in favor of her own narrative, has brought her to a place where she wakes up each morning saying YES to her life- all of it! 

Stacey Andon is a master certified life coach and owner of the company, Stacey Andon Coaching. She works with women who are ready to discover their life’s soul-purpose and unleash it out into the world. Stacey shares her wisdom on her podcast, Unlock Your Magic.  And she offers a free FB group, Love is Everywhere.  Learn more about Stacey and her offerings at  In her off time, Stacey can be found playing with Mother Nature, amongst the trees with her fur-love, Dr. Pepper (Stacey’s mini-schnauzer).

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