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Nataile Krivas, photo Courage Summit 2019 (1)
Natalie Krivas, Indiana

 Courage Song

Natalie Krivas is no stranger to challenge or tragedy. Throughout her life she has adventured with curiosity and determination. Originally from rural Nova Scotia, Canada, Natalie moved to suburban Pittsburgh at the age of 16. Raised in the Jehovah’s witness faith, she had begun to question the hypocrisy of the religion she observed. In leaving her home and her religion, she lost the community that she had always known. Her confidence was shaky.

Through her life experience and handling difficult things, she began to transform her challenges into strength. She pushed herself to learn and improve. Natalie gained confidence in realizing that her actions where shaping her future and her stability was born in taking control of her life. She turned vulnerability and kindness into her super-powers. She has discovered and rediscovered her strength through tests of courage and tenacity.

 In 2011, Natalie suffered the greatest tragedy of her life when she and her husband Peter lost their daughter Alice, just a few days after her birth. During a moment of deep sorrow, she experienced a spiritual transformation, connecting her past trauma to her present. Natalie kept this moment to herself until 2018, when she experienced it again, unexpectedly.

For the first time publicly, Natalie will share her life-changing experience. She hopes to reflect our own innate ability to transcend challenging experiences, face our fears, and transform them into meaning. 

Natalie Krivas is a Purchasing Manager, a M.Ed. Alum from Valparaiso University, and a current PhD student at Saybrook University studying Leadership & Management. She weaves community work into her everyday life and is passionate about the powerful connections between home, work, and community. Natalie is currently working on publishing Leading Humanely and The Power of Presence: Connection and Community.

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