Sarah Tsagris

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Sarah Tsagris, Indiana

Breaking Free – A Trojan’s Journey

From early elementary school Sarah Tsagris realized that something wasn’t quite right with her father. Recently released from the Marine Corps, he was suffering from undiagnosed and untreated PTSD. Along with her mother and brother, she endured years of abuse.

At the age of 13, an event occurred that would change the course of her life. At a crossroads, she chose to pick up her armor, find her weapons and her tribe and fight back.  She fearlessly chose to help her Mom and brother start a new life together—they broke free!  

The process of healing involved forming a support tribe of others that radiated peace, love and positivity. Learning to forgive and love herself and trust her intuition she was able to develop a vision for her future and live with intent.

Sarah will describe how she was able to awaken empathy to forgive, accept and eventually welcome her father back into her life. Now she is deeply thankful for the skills her volatile past has given her. 

Presently, she most loves adventuring near and far with her husband and two fearless kids but spends most days helping people with their eyes and vision through her Optometry practice at LTF Eye Clinics here in Valparaiso.  This is the first time she is sharing her story publicly and she hopes it will help others who are embarking on their own journey.

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