Adrienne Enns

Adrienne Enns, Courage Summit 2019
Adrienne Enns, Toronto

Last year, Adrienne Enns shared her journey of recovery from addiction at the first Courage Summit.  She shared how the most courageous act she had ever take was choosing to love herself.  

Adrienne joins us again this year to remind us how living courageously in everyday life and practicing courage isn’t just a one-time thing. When we step into courage again and again, our world opens up in remarkable ways.

Adrienne Enns is CEO and Chief Joy Curator at her company, May You Know Joy Inc.  Her mission is to inspire and empower people to live intentionally, creating their lives on purpose every day.  She created a popular line of intention cards (May You Know Joy and Seeds of Intention cards).  She hosts workshops, retreats and speaks regularly on joy, intention and mental health.  Adrienne’s first book, Intentional Days, has just been released this fall.  

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