Sarah Curnoles

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Sarah Curnoles, Maryland

A Journey for Love

Like so many of us, Sarah Curnoles has been on a journey for love. Adopted as a baby, Sarah was raised in a loving home. She was loved well and encouraged to follow her dreams and passions which led her to a career in theater.    

As a student of life, Sarah thought she had self-love figured out. She was independent, financially responsible and able to live her life solo. She could happily go to a movie or dinner alone or call up one of her friends for a fun night. But when it came to love, she wondered if something was off.  Sarah repeatedly found herself in horrible relationships, with men who wouldn’t commit. She rejected nice guys for a string of bad relationships. She chalked it up to modern dating.

Sarah’s journey for love turned inward when her latest crush told her that “dating her would be a bad idea for him.”  What did that mean? She obsessed over getting him back. But when all the regular attempts to attract love failed, she wondered if love should be much easier than this.  Maybe there was something wrong with the way she had been approaching love. 

Through a journey of self-discovery, Sarah embarked on monumental change. She quit her job, enrolled in life-coach training, and traveled in the US and Europe solo. She began uncovering the stories that made her feel like she had to hustle for love.  She worked to heal and find the source of self-love. In her own words, “I wish I could say that I returned from traveling a totally healed person. But my healing isn’t sexy like that. It comes in the daily courage to notice my feelings and let myself feel them. It’s watching my thoughts and choosing which ones serve the direction I’m taking in life.”  Sarah is now living consciously rather than on autopilot. 

Sarah will share what she has learned on her journey toward true self-acceptance. She will talk about how she is learning to stop hustling for love and accept the universal truth that we are all inherently lovable as we are, even when we feel that we are the exception to the rule. Sarah will also share her realization that it is the stories we tell ourselves that shape our lives, not merely the conditions. 

Sarah Curnoles is a life and love coach on a mission to love herself no matter what and give others permission to do the same. She is the creator of Next Level Love, the program for people who are ready to fall in love with themselves and attract their next relationship. Learn more about Sarah’s work at

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