Why Courage Summit?

I’ve been more at peace with uncertainty lately.  I’m not exactly sure how I came to this place. There was a time when uncertainty and fear consumed me and ate up a lot of my energy.  I spent many years trying to stay a few steps ahead of everything; to be in control of what happened to my kids, in my relationships and surrounding most of my decisions.

It was exhausting.

And it didn’t work.

In October of 2017, I completed my Master Coach Certification with my mentor, Martha Beck and a group of amazing coach trainees, truly some of the most awesome people on the planet!

MCT Coach photo, 2017
Martha Beck and the 2017 Master Coach Cohort

It was life changing.

It challenged me to show up more authentically than ever before.

I learned that questioning my thoughts, with the support of people who truly wanted the best for me, allowed me to move past my doubt and say yes to what mattered most.

Life has changed dramatically since then.

I learned to honor what was trying to happen in my life.

I moved away from what no longer served me and I said yes to the things that made my heart sing.

Most importantly, I figured out that when it comes to courage, even a little is enough!

Out of this reflection Courage Summit was born.

Courage Summit is a gathering of women and men coming together to witness strength through storytelling.

Courage Summit is a place to listen, share and be inspired by real people.

Courage summit is an opportunity to practice courage by showing up and being seen in our own authenticity and beauty.

If you’re ready to live a little more courageously, join us on Thursday, October 17, 2019 at the Center for the Arts at Valparaiso University for Courage Summit.

Be inspired by 5 amazing speakers and consider what wants to happen in your life!

Reserve your tickets here.

Can’t wait to see you!



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